9 February 2017

home-page-3This topic is interesting to me because I want to go to Italy. I’m hoping in the next couple years, I can save enough money to be able to visit Venice and Tuscany. I dream of myself sitting at a white patio set in Tuscany. Surrounded by grapes on vines and sipping on the sweet nectar of wine. Italy is the “hometown” of wine. I tried wine after I turned 21 and I loved it at first sip. I’ve never been to a vineyard considering Michigan doesn’t have many, but I do plan on visiting a vineyard soon.

Another reason I chose this topic is because I am interested in science. My favorite subject in school is any type of science, especially, chemistry. I want to explain in my paper the science behind the benefits of having a glass of wine by explaining what it is in wine that is beneficial.

Archeologist date grape cultivation and wine making between 6,000-4,000 BC in Mesopotamia and the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea. During this time, only aristocrats, royalty, and members of the clergy could drink wine. Dating back to 2,200 BC, the Egyptians used wine as a man-made medicine. Like in the Mesopotamia times, the Egyptians was only allowed to touch the lips of royalty and upper classes. In ancient Greece, wine was popular in leisure time, religion, and medicine. Hippocrates considered wine to be the “father of western medicine”. Also, he suggested that wine was good for disinfecting wounds and should be used to help alleviate pain during childbirth. Catholic monks used wine for medical treatments during the Middle Ages.

My research will focus on studies that have been done by universities that show the correlation in wine and the therapeutic and preventative effects. There are many studies being done on wine. Scientists are seeing how wine can be beneficial when consumed moderately. My research focus is on the science behind why a glass of wine can be healthy to one’s health. Moderate drinking of wine has shown to have many health benefits.

Having a glass of wine once or twice a week can be beneficial to one’s health. In my own experience, I have a glass of wine once a week and I feel less depressed because it’s almost like meditation. When I drink a glass of wine with my food, I feel relaxed and at ease. The smell of a sweet wine and the taste of grapes is what relaxes me. There are many studies done that show the correlation between the reduction of depression and drinking wine. According to BMC Medicine, the researchers gathered data on men and women of the ages 55-80 years old. Men and women who drank two to seven glasses per week were less likely to be diagnose with depression.


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