3 March 2017

Red Vineyard HDR (Pollak Vineyards)

So far I have written 9 full pages. I plan on revising my paper to make sure everything makes sense and make sure I didn’t leave any valuable information to strengthen my thesis. When I did the draft, only had three pages. I worked on the paper Friday and Monday night and finally got up to 9 full pages. On my draft, it said I need to include more sources. I have put many more sources in since then and they are from the universities database, so they are great sources of information. Also, I have gotten better at MLA 8. I want to revise my introduction because I feel like it needs some tune up. Also, I feel like I need to fix my conclusion before Thursday. I feel like my paper is pretty solid, but I feel like it can be a bit improved by making sure everything flows. I tried to make sure to organize my information by what diseases wine can help prevent and possibly help cure. I wanted to make sure I had a lot of information on how wine can help prevent dementia because my research paper was on memory and demographics.


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