4 April 2017

A multimodal presentation is more visual than just writing a paper. It grabs your audience attention visually and learning by interaction. The challenges of making a multimodal presentation is taking the time to make your presentation stand out from the crowd. My audience is directed to people that are interested in the health benefits of wine. Also, my audience are mostly over the age of 21. The most important points to point out in my multimodal presentation is to visually catch my audiences attention and to inform them on the health benefits of wine. The purpose of a multimodal presentation is to teach your audience something they never knew in a visual way. The rhetorical devices I used in my multimodal was ethos by informing my audience on the health benefits of wine by including scientific interesting facts. Including, that red wine can help prevent dementia. I used pathos to explain that too much wine can cause mental illness, major illnesses, and drunk driving can cause death of oneself or another person if in an accident or DUI charges. I used different legible fonts in different sides to grab the attention of my viewers. I chose a poster with a lot of facts to grab my attentions attention from afar. I used glitter to catch their eyes. Also, I made a prezi to have a digital visual aide to let my viewers interact with the information that I want to convey. These two together was the best way because they were both visually stimulating with information that is important to their health.


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